Trichomoniasis or “trich” is a parasite that can be spread during sex. Possible symptoms for those with vulvas include vaginitis, which causes inflammation, soreness and itchiness of the vagina or burning after urinating or ejaculating. Possible symptoms for those with a penis include discharge, itching, or irritation in the urethra. Trichomoniasis is curable with antibiotics.


*Not everyone will experience symptoms

Penis: Burning after urinating and/or ejaculating, irritation and pain in the urethra, discharge.

Vulva: Off-white, yellow or green vaginal discharge, foul smelling discharge, pain during intercourse, itchiness.


  • Pain or burning while urinating.

Transmission and Prevention

Trichomoniasis can be transmitted through unprotected sexual activity, including sharing sex toys and mutual masturbation. Using condoms can help prevent the spread of trichomoniasis; however, it is still possible to get or spread trichomoniasis even when using a condom because the parasite can infect areas that are not covered by the condom.


Trichomoniasis is treated with oral antibiotics (taken by mouth).

Even if you’ve had trichomoniasis and were treated, you can get it again if you have sex with someone who has it. It is important that all partners get tested and treated.

Sex should not be resumed until treatment (of all partners) is complete.


Testing is done through a physical exam, where a swab is used to collect discharge and the discharge is examined under a microscope.

Updated on 2019-04-09
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