Future Planning Initiative’s Statement in response to release of projects funded under Canada’s $650M SRHR investment

The Future Planning Initiative (FPI), a coalition of six organizations* working to strengthen Canada’s global leadership on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), welcomes the release of information regarding projects funded under Canada’s investment of $650M for SRHR, in 2017, for a three year period.

Under the leadership of the Minister of International Development and Global Affairs Canada, the government has taken significant steps towards prioritizing SRHR globally, both politically and financially. The release of this information is critical towards ensuring accountability and transparency in the delivery of international assistance.

The FPI is pleased to see 107 projects listed, totalling $520.8 million (72 development projects totalling $452M, and 35 humanitarian projects totalling $69M) and representing 80% of the $650M. The Future Planning Initiative recognizes that translating 80% of the $650M commitment into concrete projects in just over 18 months is a remarkable accomplishment.

The Future Planning Initiative welcomes the new support for projects focusing on some of the most neglected areas of SRHR including contraceptive care, adolescent SRHR and access to safe and legal abortion services. These projects are concrete examples of Canadian momentum and commitment to empower women and girls and save lives through the realization of SRHR.

The FPI will continue our review of projects both currently funded under the $650M, as well as those which are forthcoming. In doing so, we seek to better understand the extent to which SRHR has been incorporated within projects that include a broad thematic focus. We further look forward to identifying strategies to strengthen SRHR elements within these projects, as well as opportunities to support stand-alone SRHR programming – particularly in the neglected areas of SRHR, where appropriate.

This released information is an important first step in in facilitating more in-depth analysis of the types of initiatives supported under the $650M, so as to better assess impact and develop recommendations to strengthen Canada’s approach moving forward. Transparency around Canada’s investments is also key in encouraging other donors to step up their efforts in supporting SRHR, particularly in the neglected areas.

Looking ahead to 2020, these projects represent a strong start in Canada’s trajectory towards becoming a global leader on comprehensive SRHR. It positions Canada to continue playing a significant leadership role by providing resources and diplomatically championing SRHR around the world.

The Future Planning Initiative calls for a minimum $500 million investment per year over 10 years in the most neglected areas of SRHR, a strong step towards securing the $700 million investment recommended by global and domestic leaders on SRHR at the FPI high-level retreat in June 2018. This scaled-up investment in a comprehensive SRHR agenda, with a focus on neglected areas (advocacy for SRHR, comprehensive contraceptive care, safe abortion care, SRHR in emergencies and adolescent SRHR, including comprehensive sexuality education) is crucial to establishing sustained Canadian leadership on SRHR. This investment would address the most neglected and stigmatized areas of SRHR and would safeguard the gains that have been made from rollbacks and attacks. It further aligns with the sector’s broader vision of a comprehensive approach to Canada’s post-2020 leadership in global health, as articulated in the Thrive Agenda.

*Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, the Canadian Council for International Co-operation, the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health, Global Canada, Inter Pares, and Oxfam Canada


In March 2017, Canada announced a commitment of $650M over 3 years for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR),[1] in Canada’s international development assistance.

With less than two years remaining in the funding period, Canadian and global partners are keen to determine the total amount remaining in the fund and the types of projects and partners that have received support thus far.

A small group of Canadian organizations have been working hard to see sustained Canadian leadership on global SRHR (the Future Planning Initiative). The FPI works to encourage and support Canadian leadership on global SRHR, particularly in the most neglected areas of the agenda (advocacy for SRHR, comprehensive contraceptive care, safe abortion care, SRHR in emergencies and adolescent SRHR, including comprehensive sexuality education).

[1] Definition of SRHR defined by GAC for the $650M: comprehensive sexuality education, family planning and contraception, strengthening reproductive health services, preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence, including child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation, right to safe abortion and post-abortion care, advocacy activities of women’s, youth, Indigenous and LGBTI civil society groups (including efforts to remove judicial and legal barriers to the fulfilment of sexual and reproductive health and rights). http://international.gc.ca/world-monde/issues_development-enjeux_developpement/global_health-sante_mondiale/reproductive_faq-reproductifs_faq.aspx?lang=eng

Posted on 2018-11-29
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