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Action Canada
Youth Friendly Certified
Action Canada
Certifié pour les jeunes

South Riverdale Community Health Centre - MATCH (Midwifery and Toronto Community Health Program)

955 Queen Street East
Toronto ON M4M 3P3

St. Anthony unlisted clinic

St. Anthony NL A0K 1A1

Call the access line for more information

St. Boniface Hospital - Adolescent, Prenatal and Postpartum Clinic

409 Taché Avenue, ACF Women's Health
Winnipeg MB R2H 2A6

St. John's unlisted clinic

St. John's NL A1B 1A1

Call the access line for more information

St. Mary's Family Medicine Centre Youth Clinic

3777 Jean-Brillant
Montreal QC H3T 1M5

Ste Rose Primary Care Heath Centre

603 1st Avenue East
Ste-Rose MB R0L 1S0

Sunridge Professional Building

2675 36th Street NE
Calgary AB T1Y 7H7

Swan Valley Primary Care Centre

1000 Main Street
Swan Valley MB R0L 1Z0

Sydney unlisted clinic

Address will be provided through the Access Line
Sydney NS B1N 1A1

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