Abortion in Canada must be accessible — not just legal

Group of diverse people raising their fists in solidarity.

Abortion care in Canada isn't illegal — but for some people, it might as well be

Abortion is a common medical procedure — and an integral part of sexual and reproductive health services. Although abortion has been decriminalized in Canada for almost 35 years now, too many barriers to access still exist.

People continue to struggle to access this vital health service due to long wait times, high costs, a lack of nearby providers, and false or misleading information from anti-choice groups. 

These barriers disproportionately impact people who are low-income, people of colour, migrants or refugees, people with precarious immigration status, those who don’t speak English, or live in rural or remote areas. Just because abortion care is legal, doesn’t mean it’s accessible.

Urgent change requires a powerful movement

The anti-abortion movement is transnational, well-funded and well-resourced — but most people in Canada support, and rely on, abortion care. Right now, we have an opportunity to push back and do our part to improve abortion access in Canada.

Action Canada is building on the 50-year legacy of our predecessor organizations, including Planned Parenthood Canada. With your support we can strengthen the movement of people in support of sexual and reproductive rights and push our governments to provide access, funding and support for anyone seeking an abortion.

Removing barriers to abortion access is absolutely within our reach — but it requires the political will of Canada’s decision-makers to make it happen.

Here’s how our provincial and federal leaders can make a difference now:

  • The Federal government must strengthen enforcement of the Canada Health Act to ensure accessibility of abortion services across all regions
  • Health Canada must uphold their commitment and develop a web portal that offers accurate, unbiased information on sexual and reproductive health and rights, including abortion services.
  • Federal and provincial governments should provide sustainable funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy and services throughout Canada by making otherwise temporary funding permanent. 

Protect reproductive access now

To improve abortion access in Canada, the federal and provincial governments certainly have a part to play — but so do people like you.

By joining our movement today, you can help keep up the pressure on our governments and key decision-makers to provide improved health policies, resources, funding and supports — so that abortion and other forms of reproductive care are accessible to anyone in Canada who seeks them.

Add your name today — because the fight for safe and equitable abortion care in Canada is far from over.

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Updated on 2022-11-09