Code of Conduct

The following is the Code of Conduct for Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.


Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights (“Action Canada”) places human rights and dignity at the centre of its work. All individuals, including staff, Board members, and other volunteers working with the organization are expected to abide by a Code of Conduct that centres these values. Additionally, Action Canada seeks to partner with organizations who abide by similar values.

Code of Conduct

  1. General Principles[1]
  • Human Rights: In all of its activities, Action Canada will respect and promote the human rights and dignity of all people.
  • Accountability: Action Canada will be accountable to its staff, donors, partner organizations, and members of the Canadian public and individuals around the world.
  • Transparency: Action Canada will communicate openly and accurately with partners, donors, and the public.
  • Equity and Justice: Action Canada will practice and promote equity and justice in all of its activities.
  • Sustainability: Action Canada will take measures to promote environmental sustainability wherever possible.
  1. Governance

Action Canada is a charitable organization incorporated in Canada. As such, it will abide by all federal not-for-profit and charitable organization legislation.

The organization is governed by its by-laws, which set out the requirements for the Board of Directors and the governance of the organization.

Each Board member shall be duly voted into the organization, as per the by-laws, and each Board member will sign a Code of Conduct outlining their responsibilities to the organization during their time as a Director, and after.

Concerns about the conduct of any Board Director may be brought to the attention of the Board Chair, or the Executive Director.

  1. Financial

The Organization shall conduct its finances in such a way as to ensure appropriate use of funds and accountability to donors.

Action Canada complies with Canada Revenue Agency requirements for charitable not-for-profit organizations, and any relevant legislation regarding financial oversight. Action Canada follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

The Board of Directors oversees the organization’s finances, through the Finance and Audit Committee.

Action Canada takes the risk and prevention of fraud very seriously. Robust internal controls ensure oversight of the day-to-day finances of the organization. A comprehensive external audit is undertaken annually.

  1. Programming and Partnerships[2]

In its work in Canada, and with partner organizations internationally, Action Canada acknowledges the following principles:

  • We are people-centred in our purposes and distribution of benefits.
  • We aim to address root causes of inequality.
  • We promote social justice through the equitable distribution of power, wealth, and access to resources.
  • We reflect the concerns, perspectives, and experience of women and gender diverse folks, and enable them to realize their full rights.
  • We respect indigenous peoples and their rights to self-determination and to sovereignty.
  • We aim to ensure the full participation of marginalized individuals and groups.
  • We aim to be environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

In addition, when joining in partnership with other organizations, Action Canada acknowledges these additional principles:

  • Partnerships should advance and exemplify the full realization of human rights and femnist principles.
  • Partnerships should be built on shared visions and goals for society which imply mutual support and solidarity.
  • Partnerships should be formed in a spirit of inclusiveness that respects and promotes the value of diversity.
  • Partnerships should embody equity. We acknowledge that inequalities often exist as a result of power dynamics, especially in funding relations, and strive for equitable partnerships.
  • Partners must be transparent and accountable to one another.
  • Partners will respect one another’s autonomy and constraints and strive to foster a climate of mutual trust in their activities.
  • Partners will endeavour to learn from one another and create a culture of shared knowledge.
  1. Responsibilities

All staff, Board members, volunteers, and partner organizations of Action Canada are responsible for being aware of this code of conduct and abiding by its principles.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the periodic review and updating of this document.

  1. References

Cooperation Canada: Code of Ethics and Operational Standards.


[1] Derived from the CCIC Code of Ethics

[2] Derived from the CCIC Code of Ethics