Executive Director
Fundraising and Operations
Photo of Lesley Hoyles
Lesley Hoyles

Director of Operations

Rosario Castro
Rosario Castro

Office Coordinator & Fundraising Assistant

Wen Qian
Wen Qian

Finance Assistant

Action Canada avatar
Wisliana Jean-François

Finance Officer - Rights from the Start 

Health Promotion
Frédérique Chabot
Frédérique Chabot

Director of Health Promotion

Britt Neron, Health Promotion Officer
Britt Neron

Health Promotion Officer


Makeda Zook, Health Promotion and Education Officer
Makeda Zook

Health Promotion and Education Officer


Policy and Advocacy
Meghan Doherty, Director of Global Policy & Advocacy
Meghan Doherty

Director of Global Policy & Advocacy (on leave)

Sarah Kennell
Sarah Kennell

Director of Government Relations (on leave)

Darrah Teitel, Campaigns Officer
Darrah Teitel

Campaigns Officer (on leave)

Sarah Hedges-Chou
Sarah Hedges-Chou

Development Policy Officer

Photo of Diana El Rachini
Diana El Richani

Institutional Grants Coordinator

Action Canada avatar
Daniela Marin Platero

Project Coordinator - Rights from the Start 

Action Canada avatar
Marian Nur

Campaigns Officer

Action Canada avatar
Rachel Jacobson

Director of Global Policy & Advocacy

Ani Colekessian
Ani Colekessian

Director of Communications (on leave)

Photo of Lorna Mungur
Lorna Mungur

Communications and Social Marketing Officer

Kathryn Carruthers
Kathryn Carruthers

Web & IT Coordinator

Photo of Laura Neidhart
Laura Neidhart

Director of Communications and Government Relations

Action Canada avatar
Elena Sosa Lerín

Communications Officer - Rights from the Start

Updated on 2020-08-18