Black and white photo of a five people facing away from the camera, in a linear embrace
Executive Director
Image of Farrah Khan
Farrah Khan (On Leave)
Laura Salamanca
Frédérique Chabot (Acting Executive Director)
Finance & Operations
Photo of Lesley Hoyles
Lesley Hoyles

Director of Operations

Noimat Ayeni

Director of Finance

image of Kalenga
Kalenga Mutunwa

Finance Officer

Brittany K

Executive Assistant

Jeanne Xiao

Finance Officer

Shejuti F.

Web and IT Coordinator

Health Promotion
Laura headshot
Laura Salamanca

Director of Health Promotion

Andrew Townsend

Health Promotion Officer

Policy & Advocacy
Meghan Doherty, Director of Global Policy & Advocacy
Meghan Doherty

Director of Global Policy & Advocacy

Image of Kelly Bowden
Kelly Bowden

Director of Policy, Advocacy and Government Relations

Image of Lona
Lona Lauridsen Burger

Public Engagement Officer

Image of Insiya Mankani
Insiya Mankani

Public Affairs Officer

Andrea Rodriguez

Policy and Advocacy Officer

Ana Laura Zarco
Ana Laura Zarco

Rights from the Start Project Officer

Communications & Fund Development
Jill Oba-McGrath

Acting Director of Communications & Fund Development 

Ani Colekessian
Ani Colekessian

Director of Communications & Fund Development (Parental Leave)

Photo of Quinn
Quinn Lazenby

Communications and Social Media Officer

Image of Libby
Libby Schofield

Communications Officer, Global Issues

Wendy H.

Communications Officer, Health Promotion

Rosario Castro
Rosario Castro

Donor Relations Officer

Katie Jakobiec

Fund Development Officer

Updated on 2023-09-21