Delaying Gender Identity In Sex Ed Plays Politics With Kids' Lives

Kids sitting at desks in a classroom

Ontario's plan for the sex-ed curriculum fails to meet the rights and needs of kids

Activists should be proud this week. The fact that Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced on Friday that her government will not exclude vital lessons around LGBTQ+ sexuality, consent, and social-media literacy from Ontario's sexuality education curriculum is proof that the massive wave of public push-back in support for sex-ed is working. The overwhelming majority of parents, educators, and young people who stood up to fight for sex-ed were impossible to ignore. It's a win for sex-ed but what the government announced is a compromise between what they want and what parents, teachers, and young people are asking for.

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Sandeep Prasad | Huffington Post | 2019-03-19

by Sandeep Prasad published in Huffington Post
Posté sur 2019-03-20
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