Pride 2017: Action Canada Applauds the Leadership of Black, Indigenous and Racialized Queer and Trans People

Pride Flag

As Canada’s 2017 Pride season comes to a close, we want to applaud and celebrate the leadership of Black, Indigenous and racialized queer and trans people in ensuring that our celebration of LBGTQ+ people, LGBTQ+ rights and LGBTQ+ history does not erase the past and ongoing struggles of many members of our communities.

We wish to honor the proud history of Black, Indigenous and people of colour organizing, which has led to profoundly transformational gains for all. We want to state our deep support for the continued trailblazing work of Black, Indigenous and racialized queer and trans people and communities who fight for justice for all in the face of racism, oppression and active discrimination. Black, Indigenous and racialized queer and trans folks deserve safety at home, on the streets, in the doctor’s office, in school and everywhere. Black, Indigenous and racialized queer and trans folks deserve to take up space (including in Pride parades) and to make themselves heard as they lead us all towards more inclusive movements for queer and trans liberation. Black, Indigenous and racialized queer and trans people deserve to be supported by the community at large every day of the year.

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights supports the rights of all people everywhere to have full agency and bodily autonomy regarding all matters related to their sexuality, reproduction and gender. We have made it our mission to advance and uphold sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and globally.

All people have the right to live free from violence, discrimination and coercion. In this, we are committed to addressing and challenging multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and to working with groups, communities and movements that are marginalized or have been historically disadvantaged. Our work is rooted in human rights principles and we take a rights-based and intersectional approach to our work.

In this spirit, we would like to extend our support to all chapters of Black Lives Matter in the face of the anti-black racist backlash following several non-violent acts of protest at Pride parades across the country and across the continent. Sexual and reproductive rights intersect with and mutually support the right to live free of racism and discrimination. We support you. Thank you for your visionary work that will lead to a more just world.

Posted on 2017-09-07
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