B.C. to cover cost of abortion pill Mifegymiso


Starting Jan. 15, province to become the sixth in Canada to make the pill universally available at no cost

Source: CBC News

Starting Jan. 15, B.C. will join five other Canadian provinces in offering the pregnancy termination drug Mifegymiso for free.

According to a press release from the B.C. health ministry universal, no-cost coverage for the drug, which is also known as RU-486, will be available to patients with a valid prescription at pharmacies around the province.

Mifegymiso is an alternative to surgical abortion and can be used to terminate early-stage pregnancies of up to nine weeks.

“I’m just thrilled,” said Dawn Fowler, executive director of the Vancouver Island Women’s Clinic. “It significantly reduces barriers to access for women across the province.”

The cost of surgical abortions have been covered in B.C. for many years but medication abortions for individuals without PharmaCare coverage can cost approximately $300.

And Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights also applauds the move, saying it will lessen the gaps and inequities in access to abortion services, which traditionally have been concentrated in the Vancouver and Victoria area.

“By removing the cost barrier, B.C. is offering more choice for people facing unintended pregnancies and more equitable access to a timely medical service,” their statement said.

Posted on 2018-01-02
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