[Statement] NorthWest Territories announces coverage for Mifegymiso

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Right congratulates the government of the Northwest Territories on its commitment to cover the abortion pill Mifegymiso. The announcement comes one day after Yukon committed to covering the cost of the pill.

By making this verbal commitment, the government of the Northwest Territories is recognizing the importance of Mifegymiso for improving access to reproductive healthcare, especially abortion access in northern Canada.

As the government now deliberates on its cost-coverage program, it is of utmost importance that the territory considers universal cost coverage. In doing so, NWT would join the Yukon and 8 out of 10 provinces that offer or have committed to offering universal cost-coverage to its residents.

The abortion pill has the potential to change the landscape of access in rural and remote regions of Canada, including the northern territories. Everyone in Canada, no matter where they live, is entitled to a comprehensive package of sexual and reproductive health services, and that includes access to safe abortion and abortion care.

Posted on 2018-11-02
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