Action Canada Welcomes the New SIECCAN Guidelines for Sexual Health Education

The new Canadian guidelines for sexual health education by Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) are out! They are meant to be a guide for educators and policy makers when it comes to comprehensive sexuality education in Canada. The 2019 edition includes new content on the importance of comprehensive sex-ed in Canada, a list of key educators and settings important for access to comprehensive sex-ed, and benchmarks on providing STI prevention education and STI testing in schools.

Action Canada is proud to have been part of the advisory committee for the development of the new guidelines. The final product is the result of a great collaborative effort with space for important discussion about the direction of the new guidelines and what they can bring to young people in Canada. Thank you to SIECCAN for bringing together a wide range of experts to ensure that young people in Canada get the sex-ed they deserve. The new guidelines for sexual health education will be an important resource for anyone in Canada working to implement or improve a comprehensive sex-ed program.

Posted on 2019-07-02
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