Advocates call on premiers for improved sexual health education

Activists writing on banner what they wish they'd learned in sex-ed

Amanda Short, The Star Phoenix

Sexual health advocates from Saskatoon and Regina gathered in Saskatoon on Wednesday afternoon, calling on the provincial premiers meeting inside a downtown hotel for the Council for the Federation to improve sexual health education in Canada.

The event marked the launch of a national, multi-year campaign by Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights called Sex Ed Saves Lives.

The campaign was created because the issue of sex education is at a “crisis level,” said Sarah Kennell, director of government relations for Action Canada.

“The research that we’ve done is telling us that across every province and territory students are receiving outdated, patchwork and often problematic approaches to comprehensive sexuality education,” Kennell said. “In Saskatchewan, the issue of consent isn’t meaningfully addressed and the ways in which issues are presented are really sex-negative and rooted in an abstinence-based approach.”

Posted on 2019-07-11
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