SRHR and the Global Climate Strike

If you care about SRHR, you need to care about climate change.

On September 27th, the Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights team will be joining the rest of the world in taking part in the Global Climate Strike. The effects of the climate crisis are already being felt across the globe, impacting the world’s most vulnerable communities first and hardest.

Issues of environmental justice and reproductive justice are inseparable because there is a strong connection between our fight for human rights and gender equality and the one for a healthy sustainable future for all.

The effects of climate change impact every part of our lives, including our ability to choose to have children, not to have children and to raise our families in safe and sustainable communities. Pollution, displacement, environmental destruction, and extreme weather are jeopardizing our health and safety and fueling illness, displacement, conflict, and human rights violations. The fight for our planet is at its core also one for the respect of human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights.

Come and march with us in Ottawa or in your community as we demand a just future for all!

Posted on 2019-09-20
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