Ask Canada to Help Increase Access to Contraception by Funding UNFPA Supplies

We know how empowering it can be to freely decide if, when and how many children to have. It lets us stay in school, get a decent job and pursue our dreams. Yet, the latest figure shows that 232 million women and girls don’t have access to basic family planning services.

In June 2019, Canada announced a historic 10-year commitment to the rights and health of women and girls, including CA$700 million per year for sexual and reproductive health and rights globally. The actions of over 36,000 Global Citizens, and the advocacy of organizations like Global Citizen and Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights (Planned Parenthood Canada) made this happen.

As a gender equality champion, both at home and abroad, and now leading donor to sexual and reproductive health and rights globally, Canada now has the opportunity to put this historic commitment into action by helping ensure that everyone has equal access to neglected and underfunded services like contraception.

Let Canada know: leadership starts with a bold commitment to UNFPA Supplies.

UNFPA Supplies is the world’s largest provider of donated sexual and reproductive health supplies — providing access to safe and quality contraception in 46 of the world’s countries most in need. By 2030, UNFPA aims to ensure that every girl or woman who wants to plan for her future can access quality contraception.

Call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step up Canada’s support for UNFPA Supplies because #ItsHERchoice.

Posted on 2019-11-08
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