A Letter from Sandeep Prasad

This week, I announced my departure from Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights. After five and a half years as the first Executive Director of this incredible organization, I have made the difficult decision to support a leadership transition and to look at the next steps in my career.

From our very first days following the merger of Action Canada for Population and Development (ACPD), Canadians for Choice (formerly CARAL), and the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (formerly Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada), to our recent victories on universal cost coverage of medical abortion and securing historic funding for global sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), I have learned and had the opportunity to do so much.

My time with Action Canada has been extraordinary and fulfilling. And, in fact, it actually dates back to 2006, when I began leading the global advocacy work of one of our predecessor organizations, ACPD.  After that I served for four years as ACPD’s Executive Director where, among other things I co-led the Action Canada amalgamation process.  So, I’ve been around a while!

Since that amalgamation, Action Canada has become the leading national voice in Canada on SRHR – and in no small part due to supporters like you.  And we will only continue to do this work even better.  We’ve recently finalized our new Strategic Plan, expanded our Board of Directors, and increased our staff number to over 20!

While our global community is facing some unprecedented times, I am confident in the future of Action Canada, and the movement to realize sexual and reproductive rights for all, because of the remarkable community we have built.

Action Canada’s Board is in the stages of beginning the recruitment process for my replacement, and I plan to leave the organization at the end of June. Frédérique Chabot, Action Canada’s Director of Health Promotion, will be Acting Executive Director until the recruitment process is complete. Thank you again for your ongoing support and commitment to our work. 

In gratitude,

Sandeep Prasad

Posted on 2020-04-09
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