Action Canada Stands in Solidarity with Asian and Sex Worker Communities

[CONTENT WARNING: Racist Violence, Misogynist Violence] 

On March 16, a white man shot and killed eight people, six of them Asian women, at three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. It is yet another manifestation of racist violence against the Asian community following a growing number of targeted hate crimes that have escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, both in the US and Canada. 

It is also a blunt reminder of the high levels of violence, including fatal violence, perpetrated against sex workers (and people perceived to be sex workers) because of stigma, criminalization, and carceral approaches.  

Globally, sex workers face horrible discrimination and human rights violations, including high levels of violence, which have been linked to health and social inequities. Asian and migrant sex workers are made especially vulnerable to threats and human rights violations because of racism, misogyny, and immigration laws and policies. 

Action Canada holds the victims, their loved ones and all those affected in our hearts and stands with everyone fighting for the rights of women, migrants, sex workers and communities of colour. The struggles for migrant rights, racial justice and the decriminalization of sex work and migration are central to the realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights.  

We are resolute in demanding status for all, the decriminalization of sex work, the defunding of police, and the full realization of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. These are crucial steps in creating a world where people everywhere have full control over, and are able to decide freely upon, all matters related to their sexuality, reproduction, and gender. 

Action Canada stands in solidarity with Asian communities and sex worker communities in Canada and everywhere. We are united against white supremacy and patriarchy. We all deserve to live in safety. 

Posted on 2021-03-19
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