USask med school ends placement at pregnancy centre after students raise concerns


The University of Saskatchewan college of medicine will no longer offer a placement at the Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre (SPOC) after a group of students raised concerns almost a year ago.

On why placements at an anti-choice crisis pregnancy centre are dangerous, our Director of Health Promotion, Frédérique Chabot, explains in the article:⁠

“Chabot said it was concerning that future doctors and health-care providers ‘are not being taught how to provide full spectrum reproductive health care.’⁠

‘They’re being taught anti-choice rhetoric and counselling of patients that reinforce stigma around abortion,’ Chabot said.⁠

Chabot added these placements have an impact on students during their formative years as health-care providers.⁠

‘Being in those spaces, steeped in that kind of language, in that kind of rhetoric, has to be taken seriously,’ Chabot said.⁠

Posted on 2021-07-26
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