Our Neglected Areas Toolkit is Launched!

On the left a person with light skin with a taper on one side and long wavy hair on the other. Next to them, a person with brown curly hair, brown skin wearing a tee shirt that says ' SRHR Advocacy Leads to Change'. Next to them is a person with short brown hair with their hand raised in a fist. There is a colourful swish of yellow, pink, purple and green behind all of them.

We’re excited to launch our Neglected Areas Toolkit! This interactive toolkit outlines the importance of Canada’s continued and increased investment in national and international sexual and reproductive health and rights, particularly in four areas that are often neglected: safe abortion care, comprehensive contraceptive care, advocacy for SRHR, and comprehensive sexuality education.

Check out the toolkit on our website, and make sure to share with your networks and your federal representatives!

Explore the toolkit here: https://buff.ly/3xxehdc

Find your MP here: https://buff.ly/346WL1M

Share with the Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of International Development: harjit.sajjan@parl.gc.ca

Checkout our toolkit
Posted on 2022-06-23
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