‘Turning a medical procedure into a political one’: Why a law protecting abortion in Canada would do the opposite

Recent polling data shows a majority of Canadians support access to abortion and want the government to ensure access to those services. But the way most Canadians want to see abortion services protected will have the opposite effect.

This opinion piece was originally published by the Toronto Star and has been co-written by Kelly Bowden, Director of policy, advocacy and government relations with Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, and Tiffany Butler, Executive Director of the National Association of Women and the Law. 

The November poll by Angus Reid shows three in five Canadians support the idea of a law to guarantee and improve access to abortion. While this might seem like a good idea, it’s a slippery slope toward creating the same situation we’re seeing in the U.S.

Opening the door to legislation — regardless of how progressive the law is — means opening the door to potential restrictions without any medical merit.

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Posted on 2023-01-02
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