Action Canada Welcomes Canada's Candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council

We are excited that Canada is running for a seat at the UN Human Rights Council. Action Canada has been engaged at this highest human rights body in the  since 2002 to make our demands for sexual + reproductive rights a reality for everyone, everywhere.

As a candidate for the UN HRC, we expect Canada commit to meaningful human rights accountability at home and globally by:

Establishing a fit-for-purpose human rights accountability process in Canada

  1. Meaningful civil society consultation throughout the campaign and membership

  2. Releasing Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy

  3. Amplifying the demands of the Global South feminist movements to the UN HRC.

  4. Taking leadership among Global North states in building anti-racist and decolonial solidarity across regions on all issues before the UN HRC, particularly those related to economic, social and cultural rights

  5. Matching political commitments with funding to sexual reproductive health and rights in Canada and globally

Action Canada has a long and proud history of working alongside feminist activists and organizations at the UN HRC. We look forward to Canada’s candidacy as another opportunity to build global momentum on sexual reproductive health and rights.

Posted on 2023-05-18
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