Public Announcement from ED Farrah Khan

Today, our Executive Director, Farrah Khan, shared publicly in an op-ed in the Globe and Mail that she has been diagnosed with neuroendocrine cervical cancer. Our staff and board are here for Farrah and her family with love and care as they navigate this difficult time.

At Action Canada, our deep commitment to sexual and reproductive health care for all people is more apparent than ever. We are steadfast in continuing this important work while giving Farrah the space to prioritize her health in the coming months.

Next week, we will share details of our interim leadership structure, but today, we are focused on expressing our solidarity and care for Farrah.

The irony of receiving this news after becoming the leader of a sexual and reproductive rights organization is not lost on me. In my new role, I had planned to continue fighting for better sexual-health outcomes for those in my community and beyond. Now, that mission is on hold. I will have to set my professional goals aside for at least the next six months. But my hope in publishing these words is to continue raising awareness of the importance of sexual and reproductive health, particularly for queer, rac
Read Farrah's Op-Ed in the Globe and Mail
Posted on 2023-06-23
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