Action Canada Submission for 2024 Federal Pre-Budget Consultations

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights has released it's pre-budget submission to the Federal Government. A summary of Action Canada's recommendations include:

Recommendation 1: Ensure Access to Sexual Health Services for All

  1. Make Health Canada’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Fund permanent, A-based funding.
  2. Invest in universal cost coverage for contraception.
  3. Implement a no-exclusions regularization program granting full and permanent immigration status.
  4. Revise Canada’s National Housing Strategy.
  5. Increase the amount of Canada’s international assistance that is dedicated to ensuring access to contraception, safe abortion, and comprehensive sexual health education.

Recommendation 2: Address Rising Mis and Disinformation

  1. Create an ongoing system within Health Canada to monitor and counter misinformation on sexual health.
  2. Invest in an ongoing national sexual health survey.
  3. Create a national strategy to advance the quality of Canada’s sexual health education.

Recommendation 3: Sustain Enabling Environments for the Protection and Advancement of Sexual Rights

  1. Create a sustainability fund for feminist and gender justice organizations in Canada.
  2. Increase investments in Canada’s human rights accountability infrastructure.
  3. Increase Canada’s overall international assistance.


Action Canada Submission for 2024 Federal Pre-Budget Consultations
Posted on 2023-08-08
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