Mifegymiso: Asking for an Abortion Pocket Guide

Illustration of a doctor, with a speech bubble and box of mifegymiso

We don’t talk about abortion much in our society, and it is reasonable to think that a healthcare provider may feel uneasy about it. Some healthcare providers may disapprove of it and decide not to help. Some may just not know much about it, or it might not be part of their practice.  

It is also likely that they will be supportive and glad to help. Many already offer abortion regularly! 

Feeling uncertain about how your doctor or nurse will respond can be stressful. It is normal to feel vulnerable or anxious about what to expect. 

Preparing for the conversation can help you feel more confident. You know yourself best, and it’s a good idea to plan for how you will take care of yourself. Asking for an Abortion: A Pocket Guide is an Action Canada resource that gives you facts and tips that may be helpful when asking a healthcare professional for medication abortion (Mifegymiso). 

Having an abortion is a normal and common experience. One in three people who can get pregnant will have one. In Canada, abortions are safe and legal procedures done by healthcare professionals. 

In Canada, any doctor and nurse practitioner can prescribe medication abortion. In Quebec, midwives are also allowed. You have the option to ask a doctor, nurse practitioner, or midwife for this service. 

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Asking for an Abortion: A Pocket Guide
Posted on 2024-02-22