Election 2019 Brief

3 figures with their backs toward the image with hands on hips facing parliament buildings with The Personal is Still Political written on their backs.

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights calls upon every party and candidate in the upcoming federal election in Canada to respect, protect and uphold the full range of sexual and reproductive rights. Action Canada calls for the adoption of a whole-of-government approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) that is grounded in human rights principles.


Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights champions the right of all people everywhere to have full control over and decide freely on their sexuality, reproduction, and gender and have identified five urgent SRHR issues that require immediate attention from all political parties and candidates:

  1. Address unequal access to abortion
  2. Ensure all young people have access to quality sex-ed
  3. Deliver on the promise of universal Pharmacare
  4. End the criminalization of sexuality
  5. Further Canada’s global leadership on sexual and reproductive rights
Posted on 2019-07-25
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