COVID-19 and the Thrive Agenda

COVID-19 and the THRIVE AGENDA (in orange and blue)

In June 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a milestone ten-year commitment to global health and rights by adopting the Thrive Agenda, a sector-wide collective vision for the future of Canadian global health programming, increasing Canadian support for global health and rights by $1.4 billion per year sustained through 2030.

One year after the announcement and in the face of COVID-19, this policy brief reinforces the need for Canada to take a bold and feminist approach in its immediate and long-term response to the global pandemic. The Thrive Agenda presents Canada with an existing, pioneering opportunity to build back better. This resource outlines this agenda and the continued relevancy of its feminist, rights-based, and integrated approach to advancing global health and rights.

Posted on 2020-06-25