Submission to the UN Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls' Questionnaire on girls' and young women's activism

On June 17th, Action Canada’s National Youth Advisory Board made a statement at the 50th Session of the Human Rights Council!

The National Youth Advisory Board (NYAB) is a group of youth based in Canada who work together to contribute to and inform Action Canada's youth-focused projects and campaigns.

In collaboration with Action Canada and the Sexual Rights Initiative, the NYAB submitted a statement to the UN's Working Group on Discrimination Against Women and Girls on the topic of girls' and young women's activism.

The NYAB’s recommendations included:

  • That the UN mainstream gender- and youth-sensitive approaches throughout their work.
  • States must make girls and women key decision-makers when deciding on bodily rights in the legislative system.
  • The prioritization of activists from marginalized communities by giving them profound access and meaningful representation in the decision-making of governments, the UN, and other bodies of power.

Read and watch their statement and read their full submission to the working group below.

Stay tuned! We are recruiting new members for our national youth advisory board (NYAB) soon!

Posted on 2022-05-30