Increasing abortion access in Canada through Midwife-led care

As primary care providers, midwives are a valuable resource in increasing access to abortion. Midwife-led abortion care has the potential to greatly improve access to abortion. In this spirit, Action Canada celebrates the work being done to ensure access to midwife-led abortion care and urges governments, midwifery regulatory bodies and midwives in effectively working together to formalize abortion as part of routine midwifery care. 

    What needs to happen? 

    • Midwifery prescribing scope must include medical abortion in all jurisdictions;
    • Midwives in all Canadian jurisdictions should be supported to incorporate abortion into their routine practices; and
    • All health system partners must collaborate to create pathways for person-centred, comprehensive abortion access that are relevant to each community
    In partnership with the Government of Canada
    Posted on 2023-03-07