Human Rights Watch Film Festival: Mujer de Soldado (Soldier’s Woman)

Picture of a woman wearing a hat and shawl while standing near a village. Next reads: Mujer de Soldado, Saturday May 28 at 3pm. Human Rights Watch Film Festival logo sits in the bottom left corner.

Please note the following post contains reference to sexual assault and trauma.  

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival documentary Mujer de Soldado (Soldier’s Woman) tells the story of a group of women seeking justice decades after they were raped by members of the Peruvian military. Please note that this film explores trauma and includes descriptions of sexual violence and torture and may be difficult for some viewers.   

The film is a reminder of the universality of human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights. Governments across the globe must uphold the human rights of health, bodily autonomy, a life free from violence, and to freely make decisions about parenthood. 

Situations of conflict and displacement result in increased vulnerability to rape, sexual violence, and other gender-based violence and increased risk related to unsafe abortions. Barriers to and criminalization of essential reproductive healthcare greatly amplify these harms.   

Failing to provide people, including those who have experienced sexual violence, with access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, including safe and legal abortion and post-rape care, is a violation of their human rights.  

​The documentary will be shown at the HRW Film Festival and online. Tickets are free or by donation starting May 12. For more information, visit here.

Action Canada is pleased to be a community partner at the 19th Annual Toronto Human Rights Watch Film Festival hosted in partnership with HotDocs for the Opening Night screening of Mujer de Soldado on May 28, 2022.