How you can take action for abortion rights in Canada

As we grieve the news of the leaked Roe v. Wade decision and its devastating implications, we must also remember to mobilize to protect and advance our rights here in Canada. Here is a list of things you can do to take action for abortion rights.

  • Donate to our work! Through our emergency abortion fund and our advocacy work, we are fighting to improve abortion rights and SRHR in Canada and globally
  • Sign up for our newsletter, where we share updates and actions regularly
  • Show up for rallies in support of abortion rights—here's one happening in Toronto tonight 
  • Support and follow organizations who are fighting for racial justice, disability justice, economic justice, migrant justice, and 2SLGBTQIA+ rights. Abortion bans and access inequities ALWAYS have a disproportionate impact on marginalized folks. We can’t back down until everyone has equitable access. Here are some organizations to follow, to list just a few: SisterSongCanadian Centre for Gender and Sexual DiversityDisability Justice Network of OntarioMigrants Rights Network
  • Make informed decisions at the polls. 25% of MPs voted in favour of restricting abortion rights last summer, and many other politicians have publicly signaled their support of the anti-abortion movement. Here's a list of them
  • Support and amplify the work of abortion rights activists around the world. The fight for SRHR and abortion rights is a global one—a win there is a win here
  • If you’re a student, organize your peers and demand better sex-ed and consent education. High School Too is an incredible student-led organization doing this work
  • Call out abortion disinformation when you see it. Disinformation is one of the most sinister weapons the anti-abortion movement uses in their attempts to weaken our rights
  • Call and email your local elected officials about universal contraception coverage. AccessBCBirth Control Access for Manitoba, and CoverContraceptiON have resources and templates you can use
  • Add your name to Sex[M]ed’s open letter calling on better abortion training within Canadian medical education. Currently, medical schools dedicate an average of one hour(!!) to abortion care