Ways to Support

We have never done this alone. Your donations of $5, $50, $100, $1,000 and more, make a big difference. By becoming a supporter of Action Canada, you are joining a movement that is fighting for sexual and reproductive rights for all, not just some. 

Throughout our history, supporters like you have played a critical role in our work. From helping hundreds of people cover crucial abortion-related costs, to securing Canada-wide cost-coverage of the $300-$400 abortion pill, our work is sustained by you. We deserve a world where every person controls their sexuality, reproduction, gender expression, and health in a safe community/ Thank you for your support.

There are many ways you can have an impact: Become a monthly donor, plan your legacy gift, donate securities, organize a fundraiser… the possibilities are endless. Your support can help make a big difference now and in the years to come!

Our registered charitable tax no.: 107848319 RR 0001

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Host a Fundraising Campaign or Event

Gather some of friends and/or family and do what you love to do! Introvert. Extrovert. Use your talents to raise money your way. Your imagination is the limit, and we have staff to support your vision of raising funds and engaging people in creative ways.

Are you interested in raising money for Action Canada? Even small events and online fundraising campaigns have a big impact. You can:

  1. Donate a portion of the proceeds from your online or in-person event ticket sales to Action Canada.
  2. Set up a fundraiser through social media or contact us to set up a fundraising page on our site. Ask friends and family to donate in your honour to Action Canada for a birthday, graduation, or other occasion.
  3. Set up a fundraiser at your school or place of work.
  4. Are you part of an organization hosting an event? Connect the event to sexual and reproductive rights by raising money for Action Canada and sharing information about our work.

Do you an idea for a fundraiser? Have questions? We'd love to help or work in collaboration with you. Please get in touch by contacting Rosario at at donate@actioncanadashr.org to let us know about your event, to receive materials for your fundraising, or to ask any questions you have.

Planned and Legacy Giving

Challenging policy and taboos that have been in place for centuries takes lifetimes of activism. Values, laws, and policies don’t change overnight. 

The gift of a lifetimea gift in your will to Action Canadaensures your vision for choice, autonomy, and evidence-based sexual health continues to save and improve lives!

Information for codicil to a will.

Action Canada ’s legal name


Charitable registration number

10784-8319 RR0001

Full mailing address

501 - 240 Bank Street

Ottawa ON  K2P 1X4

Sample wording for a residual gift in your will

“I give to Action Canada Sexual Health and Rights (Charity number 10784-8319 RR0001) the amount of ______ (or percentage of the remainder of my estate), to be used at the discretion of the organization.”


The Legacy Giving information on this website is provided for general information purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice and assistance from your lawyer, financial advisor, or tax consultant. We recommend that you discuss your plans with your lawyer and/or financial advisor before proceeding with a legacy gift.

If you are thinking about leaving a gift in your will, or any of the other ways to leave a lasting gift for human rights, we would be happy to talk to you about this important decision.

For more information about planned giving, please contact:
Rosario Castro at (613) 241-4474 ext. 10800 / email at donate@actioncanadashr.org 

Stocks or Securities

Donating securities, such as publicly listed stocks, bonds or mutual funds, is another way you can support Action Canada.

You may have publicly listed securities either during your lifetime or in your will (shares, bonds or units of a mutual fund trust). Securities are exempt from any capital gains taxes when you transfer them directly to a registered charity like Action Canada. Estates will also receive a tax receipt for the full market value of the securities you transfer.

Download this Securities Transfer Form to begin the transfer with your broker. Please let us know its on the way by emailing Rosario Castro at rosario@actioncanadashr.org.

Gifts of Insurance

These are often great ways to minimize the taxes on your estate and support a cause you believe in.

Three options:

  • An existing policy with cash value (i.e. a permanent policy) can be signed over to Action Canada.
  • A new policy (whole/universal life) can be taken out by individuals or couples on their lives, or the life of a loved one, and gifted to Action Canada.
  • You can make Action Canada the beneficiary of a life policy (including a policy).

Go to a Concert: We Get Proceeds from Plus1!

PLUS1 grew out of the band Arcade Fire, who were looking for a way to support Haiti and realized the power that lay with the most passionate and committed people they knew: their audience. By including and committing to a $1 donation from every concert ticket sold, together with education and creative outreach, the band created a new community of support for Haiti. PLUS1 was formed to build on this success and bring together artists and millions of concert goers together with this same small act—a $1 donation from every concert ticket sold. It starts with just $1 but the collective impact of the community is exponentially bigger.

The support from PLUS1 $1 per ticket program has been truly valuable. A shout out to the artists that have already chosen to support Action Canada: The National, Charly Bliss, Sofi Tukker, Emily Haines, and Local Natives. Thank you!

Check out PLUS1 for upcoming shows

Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund

Over 70% of Access Line callers tell us that travel and location are major barriers for them. Many callers require financial support from the Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund (the only one of its kind in Canada) to pay for the travel, medication, and related expenses coming out of their pocket. 

The Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund helps people who need an abortion pay for travel, medication, and related expenses and is the only one of its kind in CanadaWe fill in the gaps left by government underfunding of abortion access in Canada.

The fund is 100% donor-driven and is drawn down to $0 each year. It is donors like you who ensure the Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund is sustained year after year so that no one who faces barriers to abortion care gets left behind.

Corporate Support

Donations made through sales, or mutual partnership opportunities, are one of the few ways we have received business support. Are you looking to partner with a charitable organization? Please get in touch with us at donate@actioncanadashr.org so we can collaborate in promoting your initiative.

Follow Our Work

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