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Action Canada is convening leaders and sex-ed champions representing diverse sectors to take stock of the current state of sex-ed and chart a path of collective action to secure better access to it in Canada for the first time ever. 

When sex-ed is done right, it can be life changing for people and have significant positive impacts on public health, STI rates, negative health outcomes, gender equality, instances of gender-based violence, including sexual violence, and bullying. All young people have a right to comprehensive sexuality education and sex-ed must become a national priority. 

Day 1: Tuesday October 20th, 2020

Session 1: 10:15 am – 12:00 pm EDT

10:15-10:30 am EDT


10:30 am EDT


  • Land Acknowledgement and decolonizing sex-ed
  • Who is the imagined learner?
  • Why sex-ed still matters during COVID
  • The role of sex-ed in advancing sexual heath and rights in Canada and abroad

Frederique Chabot, Acting Executive Director Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
Stephanie Jewel
Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah, Executive Director of CCGSD

11:30 am EDT

Gathering Overview

  • Summary of virtual panel discussions
  • Agreements, approach and logistics
  • Personal Reflection

Frederique Chabot
Tanya Noel, Facilitator

12:00 pm EDT One-hour Health Break

Session 2: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EDT

1:00 pm EDT

Sector Specific Issues/barriers

  • Breakout groups by sector to deep dive into challenges encountered

Short Health Break

2:00 pm EDT


  • Sharing back from breakouts

Tanya Noel

30 minute Health Break

Session 3: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm EDT

3:00 pm EDT

COVID mini panel

  • Opportunities and innovations that sectors have implemented during COVID
  • How opportunities might look different in the future
  • Re-imagining ways we campaign into the future

Moderator: Marian Nur, Campaigns Officer, Action Canada

Panelists: Karen B. K. Chan, sex educator
Becky Van Tassel, Centre for Sexuality
Robbie Ahmed and Eleni Han, Nuance

Short Health Break

4:10 pm EDT

Wrap-up & Housekeeping

  • Key takeaways from the day
  • High-level overview of process for building off this exercise on day 2
  • Personal reflection activity

Tanya Noel

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Day 2: Wednesday October 21st, 2020

Reflections from Day 1 by Action Canada

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Session 1: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm EDT

10:15-10:30 am EDT


10:30 am EDT

Welcome & Overview

  • Welcome back & Check-in
  • Agenda Day 2 approach
  • Logistics recap

Tanya Noel, Facilitator

10:40 am EDT

Panel Discussion – the Tools at our Disposal

  • Sharing information on the development and potential use of sexual health education guidelines
  • Sharing legal and policy advocacy mechanisms to help us achieve better sex-ed

Moderator: Sarah Kennell, Director of Government Relations (on leave), Action Canada

Panelists: Mariana Cruz Murueta, International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region (IPPFWHR)
Alex McKay, Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN)
Pooja Badarinath, Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI)
Marcus McCann, Lawyer, Millard & Company
Catherine Hart, Committee Chair, Manitoba Teachers’ Society

Short Health Break

11:30 am EDT

Full group discussion – the Tools at our Disposal

• Reflection & discussion

Tanya Noel

1 hour Health Break

Session 2: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EDT

1:00 pm EDT

Opportunities for Action

Breakout group discussions on potential areas for action

Short Health Break

Where do we go from here?

  • Sharing back from breakouts
  • Identifying potential action areas; prioritization exercise

Tanya Noel

2:30 pm EDT Thirty-minute Health Break

Session 3: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm EDT

3:00 pm EDT

Closing Remarks

Presentation of findings: “Towards a Sex-Ed Campaign”

Discussion of the National Advisory Committee

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights staff

3:35 pm EDT

Closing Speakers

Global standards and sex-ed as a human right 

Dr. Venkatraman Chandra Mouli, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, World Health Organization

Ukrainian youth activist will share her experience fighting HIV stigma and working to advance CSE

Yana Panfilova Founder, Teenergizer

National Strategy (final mural) by Action Canada

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COVID reflections by Action Canada

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Acknowledge the land by Action Canada

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