Will you help defend every person’s right to an abortion?

I got a call from Melissa* on the Access Line. She lives in Northern Ontario and had been trying to find an abortion provider for weeks. She was panicked and frustrated, but luckily, she found us. Not everyone does.

Melissa originally found herself at a Crisis Pregnancy Centre. The centre looked like a place where she could get a referral and have her questions about the abortion procedure answered. It was advertised to her as the place to go if she was facing an unplanned pregnancy. She was promised support.

But instead, she was made to wait, didn’t get a referral, and the answers she got led her to believe she could have trouble getting pregnant again later, that no services existed for her to access, and that an abortion would increase her risk of breast cancer.

We know these are lies. You know these are lies. But many people who find themselves in this situation don’t.

Will you help defend every person’s right to an abortion?

Your support means that people like Melissa can make choices about their own bodies without gatekeepers and abortion lies.

Your support has helped to:

  • Secure an election platform commitment from the Federal Government to dispel misinformation about abortion through a government health portal.
  • Fight and defeat a well-funded anti-abortion movement in court.
  • Provide accurate, judgment-free information about abortion on the Access Line and through the Sexual Health information hub on our website.

All around us, we are seeing organizations close their doors because of a lack of funding. At the same time, we’re pushing against an anti-abortion movement that is only getting more fierce.

The fight continues and it is getting harder and harder. We need your support. Will you help start 2022 strong for the movement with your donation?

We can’t do this work alone! We need you to join us in defending each person’s right to make choices about their own bodies, for each person to be able to freely access an abortion when they want it.

This isn’t about politics, it’s about people’s lives.

Can we count on your donation?


With gratitude,

Frédérique Chabot
Director of Health Promotion and Advocacy
Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

Posted on 2022-02-15