Election 2019: the personal is STILL political Questions for candidates

3 figures with their backs toward the image with hands on hips facing parliament buildings with The Personal is Still Political written on their backs.

Want to know where your candidates sit on sexual and reproductive health-related issues? Here are 15 questions you can ask them!


  1. Barriers to abortion access in Canada are much worse for people who live outside urban centres, in the North and on First Nations reserves. What steps would you take to address them?
  2. Due to regulation 84-20, New Brunswick is the only province in Canada where a person must pay out of pocket to get an abortion in a freestanding clinic. As a federal MP, what could you do to end this discrimination?
  3. Health Canada publishes a range of health-related information. Meanwhile, anti-choice organizations continue to publish and disseminate misleading information about abortion. If elected, what would you do to make sure everyone could access accurate, evidence-based information about abortion? What steps would you take to eliminate the barriers created by anti-choice organizations on access to abortion care?  

Access to quality Sex Ed

  1. If any province or territory attempted to roll back their sexuality education curriculum, what would you do as a federal MP?
  2. Do you support the need for a Government of Canada Strategy to improve sexuality education throughout Canada, that would include funding for awareness raising and training of professional sexual health educators?
  3. Canada currently does not collect comprehensive data on sexual health indicators. Would your party task Statistics Canada to collect data around sexual health indicators, to support better public health policy, and strengthen sex ed curriculums and implementation?

Sex work

  1. Do you support the repeal of the 2014 Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act?
  2. Do you commit to include sex-workers in any consultation and study that leads to policies that affect them and their work?
  3. What steps would you take to eliminate the violence, stigma and harassment experienced by sex workers under the current legal framework?


  1. Do you support a universal, single-payer pharmacare strategy? 
  2. Do you support the creation of a program to universally cover the cost of all contraceptives in advance of a national pharmacare strategy? 
  3. Do you agree that all medications and devises that support sexual and reproductive health should be prioritized on Canada’s national pharmacare formulary?

Advancing Canada’s leadership on sexual and reproductive health and rights globally

  1. Do you support a commitment of .7% GNI for official development assistance?
  2. Do you support a targeted investment of at least $500M/year for the neglected areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in development assistance (abortion, contraceptives, advocacy and adolescent SRHR)?
  3. What would you take to ensure increased financial support for local and grassroots women’s rights organizations globally?
Updated on 2019-09-03
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