Trans Day of Visibility Solidarity Statement

Trans Rights Flag

Action Canada’s vision is a world where all people—including trans people—have full control over, and can decide freely upon, all matters related to their sexuality, reproduction, and gender.

For trans folks, this means access to essential medications and procedures without delay and without medical gatekeeping. It means a national Pharmacare strategy where access to essential medications is not based on income or access to financial resources. It means getting to determine if, how and when to form families and receiving the appropriate and relevant supports to do so. It means sex-ed that speaks to the expansive possibilities of relationships and families and actively teaches young trans folks about their bodies and how to navigate safer sex. It means breaking down the way we conceive of healthcare in restrictive, binary ways, which fuels assumptions about who needs what type of healthcare, which creates barriers and severe health impacts. It means creating the space for trans folks to self-determine their futures and have access to the information and resources they require to do so.

We are committed to a world where all trans people can live free from discrimination, violence and intersecting oppressions, including the additional impacts of racism on the lives of Black, Indigenous and all trans people of colour.

In addition to living free from violence, we envision a world where trans folks can thrive and have access to trans-specific health care, information, and resources. COVID-19 has further revealed the disparities experienced by trans folks, as gender affirming healthcare becomes more difficult to access, and as travel for out-of-province or out-of-country for care becomes increasingly difficult (and for those without a passports or resources, impossible).

COVID-19 has also restricted the ability of trans folks to access community spaces for friendship, support, and solidarity. As schooling continues to shift online across the country, sex-ed classes are being cut in many schools and young trans folks are not getting the chance to learn about their bodies, safer sex, and how to navigate healthy and fulfilling relationships.

We commit to fight for trans rights, for justice, for health equity and for resources, and we pledge to continue working with and alongside trans, gender non-binary and Two-Spirit communities to stand up against transphobia and transmisogyny!

Posted on 2021-03-26
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