From exception to expediency: Feminist perspectives on sexual rights violations during COVID-19

The Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI) invites you to our side event on July 8, 2021 at 8 AM ET:

From exception to expediency: Feminist perspectives on sexual rights violations during COVID-19

As the events related to the pandemic unfolded over 2020, the partners of the Sexual Rights Initiative sought to capture some of the key developments in relation to sexual and reproductive rights – from restrictive measures and moral policing to the force of protests rocking many parts of the world.

Halfway through 2021, as we struggle with the increasing polarization of the world along established colonial and class lines, we would like to gather to both share information and perspectives and to collectively develop strategies for continuing to fight for sexual and reproductive rights in different regional and national contexts as well as globally.


Fred Chabot, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
Urszula Grycuk, Federation for Women and Family Planning
Fernando D’Elio, Akahatá
Amanda Hodgeson, Coalition of African Lesbians
Emeline Dupuis, Sexual Rights Initiative Geneva


Dipika Nath


Posted on 2021-07-05
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