Action Canada denounces Quebec's Bill 2

Action Canada denounces Quebec's Bill 2, which would cement systemic transphobia in the province and set a dangerous precedent.

Last Thursday, Quebec Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette proposed changes to the province’s family law in the form of Bill 2, a bill that would scale back trans rights and expose trans Quebecers to further discrimination.

While Quebecers have been permitted to change the sex designation on birth certificates and other ID since 2015, an already arduous process, Bill 2 proposes to amend the civil code to restrict that right to people who’ve had bottom surgery. Those without surgery could request that the “sex” category be renamed as “gender,” and choose the gender that matches their identity, outing and endangering many trans people.

The bill will be studied by a parliamentary committee and be subject to public hearings before it can be passed. Groups are already considering a legal challenge.

Please follow the Centre for Gender Advocacy and Le Conseil Québécois LGBT to learn how to support efforts to counter Bill 2:

Posted on 2021-10-29
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