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Sexual Health Week 2023 Sexual Health is for Everyone

Sexual Health is for Everyone

We all have sexual health. And just like our physical health and mental health, sexual health is an important aspect of our overall well-being. It’s connected to more than just pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections – sexual health includes things like how we feel about our bodies, consent, social relationships, pleasure, who we’re attracted to, and more!

Since sexual health is connected to so many aspects of our lives, there’s almost no limit to who can participate in sharing sexual health supports in our communities! Sexual Health Week is a chance for all of us to celebrate the amazing services, resources, and organizations working to improve sexual health outcomes so we can all live fuller, healthier, and happier lives.

From February 12-16, 2024, we’re inviting everyone to talk about the many ways sexual health is important in our lives.

See below for ideas on how you can participate and share about how sexual health shows up in our work and in our communities! This week is a chance to tell people about the tools and groups that help us better understand sexual health, and help us envision a healthier, inclusive, sex-positive future for everyone – Because sexual health is for everyone.

What is Sexual Health Week?

Sexual Health Week is Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights’ signature public health campaign. For over 20 years, this time has been dedicated to raising awareness on key issues in sexual health, education, and health care.

This week is a celebration of the amazing work people are doing to improve sexual health access and services across Canada and around the world! Together we’re highlighting essential resources and programs, all building towards the goal of improving sexual health outcomes for everyone. 

Why Participate

Did you know that almost 80% of Canadians agree that we need to prioritize promoting and protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights? But so often we must stand up to politicians and groups who are trying to limit access to life-saving sexual health education or services.

Sexual Health Week is a moment for Canada’s sexual health movement to get together and show just how many of us care about our sexual health and relationships. It’s a chance to get loud, and to celebrate the amazing work being done in our communities. By raising our voices, we can make everyone in Canada hear that sexual health matters to all of us! 

How to Participate 

Here are some ideas for ways you can participate in Sexual Health Week. Feel free to do any of the ones listed here or come up with something that better fits you and your community — big or small, every action helps make a difference! 

Talk about Sexual Health Week

  1. Choose a sexual health organization and learn about how you can support them.
  2. Share your favourite sexual health resources with your friends.
  3. Start a conversation with your friends and family. 
  4. Use #SexualHealthWeek to join in the conversation online.

Contact Your Government Officials

  1. Contact your MP and ask them to speak up in support of sexual health care, both in Canada and around the world.
  2. Write a letter to your Health or Education ministers getting them to support access to sexual health services and information.
  3. Ask your local government officials to formally recognize Sexual Health Week.

Host an Event

  1. Organize a film screening for a movie or documentary about sexual health.
  2. Have a bake sale to raise money for your favourite sexual health organization.
  3. Make Sexual Health Week part of an event you’re already hosting (like for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day).

Get a Local Group Onboard

  1. Ask your library to dedicate a shelf to showcasing books about sexual health.
  2. See if a nearby business would consider donating a portion of sales to support sexual health initiatives.
  3. Create a Sexual Health Week window display to go up somewhere with lots of foot traffic.

If you do participate, please let us know! Contact and share with us any details, pictures, or messages we can include to help champion sexual health work everywhere!

Download the Participation Guide

Please share this guide with any friends, colleagues, or community organizations who you think might be interested in being a part of Sexual Health Week. You can download a PDF copy, or print a copy!

Download the participation guide

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