Feedback on Canada’s feminist foreign policy

Report on how Canada can further gender equality and feminist objectives.

In February 2020, then-Minister of Foreign Affairs François-Philippe Champagne publicly committed to working with civil society to develop a statement on Canada’s feminist foreign policy. In October 2020, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) solicited views on the subject from stakeholders in Canada and around the world—including civil society—and released a ‘scene setter’/background paper highlighting activities Canada has undertaken to implement its feminist foreign policy, and areas to explore in the development of the policy statement. These areas include: enhanced diplomatic engagement; women, peace and security; responding to evolving vulnerabilities; and inclusive digital transformation.

As part of Global Affairs Canada’s engagement process, the Feminist Foreign Policy Working Group hosted a series of online conversations with civil society representatives interested in this topic. Global Affairs Canada provided some financial support for the conversations, which were organized by Working Group members. The Feminist Foreign Policy Working Group hosted seven online webinars/roundtables in November and December 2020. Approximately 183 people from over 15 countries participated.


This report includes a summary of feedback received during the webinars regarding the core principles of a feminist foreign policy and how Canada can translate these principles into concrete actions to further gender equality and feminist objectives. 

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Feedback from discussions on Canada’s feminist foreign policy
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Posted on 2021-02-01