Sex-ed saves lives!

Makeda as a toddler with her mothers at Toronto Pride

As a kid who grew-up with lesbian moms in the 1990s, I’m no stranger to feeling different and knowing that this difference was seen by many people as “bad” and as something to feel ashamed of.

From a young age, I knew that I was different because when I looked around my school, I didn’t see my family anywhere. No one talked about families like mine and classroom activities like drawing a family tree, reading books, or making holiday crafts were all geared to families with one mom and one dad.

Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of young people sitting in classrooms across the country facing the same experience as mine. Maybe it’s because they don’t quite fit in; maybe it’s because of their gender identity or their sexual orientation; maybe it’s because they have two dads or two moms, or are being raised by their grand-parents; or maybe it’s because they’re being bullied and made fun of for being different.

Here’s the problem: misinformation about sex-ed and the exploitation of people’s fears is on the rise in this country to win political points. And what young people stand to lose in this fight is clear: their health, their safety, and their wellbeing. Sex-ed (when done well) saves lives.

That is why I’m asking for you to make an urgent donation today. Invest in young people’s sexual health by making a monthly or one-time gift by pressing donate now.

Thank you,

Makeda Zook
Health Promotion and Education Officer
Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

Posted on 2018-11-08