L’état de l’éducation à la sexualité au Canada

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There is little information available to tell us about the state of sex-ed in Canada. What are students actually learning? How different is it from province to province? What does each curriculum contain? Who teaches sex-ed— and how often is it taught? What kind of support do teachers and educators receive? How is Canada doing in relation to national and international standards?

This lack of information makes it difficult to have a clear sense of the sex-ed young people receive in classrooms across the country. The information gaps make it challenging to evaluate the outcomes, and it creates barriers to ensuring all young people have quality sex-ed and demanding governments step up when sex-ed is subpar.

In this report, Action Canada presents findings on the state of sex-ed across Canada and the ongoing impacts of sub-standard sex-ed.

The State of Sex-Ed in Canada

Ce rapport a été publié en avril 2020.

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