Podcast Interview with Talking Radical Radio

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Scott Neigh from Talking Radical Radio interviews Matthew Johnson from MediaSmarts on the connections between media literacy and sexual health, and talks with Emily and Victoria from Action Canada's National Youth Advisory Board, on their experiences trying to access reliable sexual health information and what barriers still exist for youth today.


You can also read the Talking Radical article featuring quotes from the episode. 

About Talking Radical

Talking Radical is a multifaceted project grounded in grassroots voices from across Canada and aimed at people who think movements matter. It is, at the moment, two books of history-from-below based on oral history interviews with long-time activists and organizers from a wide range of social movements and communities-in-struggle in the Canadian context, and it is a weekly radio show that features in-depth interviews with people engaged in many different kinds of social change work across Canada today. talkingradical.ca

Updated on 2024-04-02
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